Tracfone Phone Insurance


Tracphone Insurance with Ensquared for best prepaid deals anywhere

You are a Tracfone prepaid subscriber because you want maximum value for every $ spent. We know you; we understand you and that is why Ensquared is the only phone insurance for you. Before anything else we offer our customers the best cover money can buy including Lost & Stolen, Accidental Damage and extended warranty. How? By having the best combination of low premiums, lowest deductibles and highest claim limits in the USA and Canada.

And it is so easy to get our cover. No, you don’t have to buy the cell phone from us. We don’t care where you bought your device, whether it is locked or unlocked, prepaid or otherwise. We will insure it as long as it is less than 90 days old.

We can assure you that we have thousands of happy Tracphone customers who have peace of mind with our Smartphone insurance products especially suited to prepaid customers. We have a 1-Year prepaid insurance program as well as a 2-Year plan for those aiming to keep their devices for longer. All policies are renewable.  It makes no difference if you fall under Tracfone, Net10, Straight Talk or Safelink Wireless – we will insure your device.

Talking of devices we insure all models from the Samsung Galaxy right down to the most basic Smartphone offered by LG, Motorola and others. Ensquared welcomes you and we look forward to many years of being your wireless prepaid insurance company.

Insurance for Straight Talk customers please visit our Straight Talk page

Tracfone Phone Insurance