Sprint iPhone Insurance for iPhone 4S by Ensquared

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Ensquared provides iPhone Insurance to many Sprint customers as an after market add-on. What makes Ensquared iPhone Insurance so attractive to the many customers who sign up each day, is that the policy is very simple to understand. 
Ensquared is a company which is 100% dedicated to device insurance.
Key features of Ensquared iPhone protection program:
  • One Single Price- no matter the model and size of iPhone being covered you pay $129.99
  • 3 claims over 2 years- each with up to $1000 value per claim        
  • Lost, Stolen, Accidental Damage and Extended Warranty all in one
  • $179 claim deductible- any model, any size
  • 15 day money back guarantee if you choose to cancel for whatever reason
  • Pay with Paypal and get buyer protection
In January 2013 Sprint released Total Equipment Protection (TEP) insurance coverage. 
Here is why we would like you to seriously consider Ensquared compared with Sprint TEP:
  • $260 for 2 years cover or $11 per month- double that of Ensquared.
  • Devices over $600 in value incur a more expensive deducible of $200.
  • The number of claims is limited to only a single claim.
  • Sprint use a 3rd party called Asurion Mobile for the TEP, Sprint is a middleman.

Another option for you to consider is Apple Care. Despite the lack of Lost, Stolen and Damage cover it is a decent repair alternative.

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