The Ensquared view of iPhone Insurance from the folks at ATT

Ensquared the #1 Authority provides you with an overview and review of AT&T iPhone Insurance, which has a national customer base. Please see follows:


1. Coverage of Mechanical Failure out of manufacturer’s warranty: Yes


2. Coverage of Accidental Damage from Handling: Yes


3. Coverage for Lost & Stolen: Yes


4. Underwriter: Asurion


5. Deductible: $199 per claim


6. Premium payable monthly for 2 years: $6.99 X 24 months = $167.76


7. Claim Limit: $1500 per claim


8. Maximum number of claims over a 2-Year period: 4


9. Coverage of iPhones not bought from AT&T: Not available. iPhone must be acquired from AT&T.


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Quick comparison to Ensquared:


To insure with AT&T you have to buy both the iPhone and the contract from AT&T. So simply, as long as you purchased your device from AT&T directly, does $168 for any iPhone model over two years with $199 deductible make sense to you VERSUS the Ensquared Accidental Damage PLUS Lost & Stolen? In short: Ensquared offers similar benefits for a one-time premium of $129 for 2-Year plan ($5.42 per month on average) for a lower deductible of $179, and we insure any iPhone. There are no restrictions on where you buy it and where you contract it (AT&T iPhones are more than welcome). Ensquared is backed by and underwritten by Starr Indemnity (A. M. Best financial strength rating of A Excellent).


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