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News : Changes to Verizon Cell Phone Insurance Products

Verizon Insurance is a serious consideration

Verizon as a phone service provider is gigantic world wide serving locked cell phone subscribers in the US and 150 countries. It is rumored that Verizon is talking to Apple with a view to possibly selling the revolutionary smartphone that has taken the world by storm. It is possible that iPhone insurance will be a factor here shortly.

Verizon phone insurance product offer

The Ensquared phone insurance calculator includes the cell insurance options offered by Verizon insurance - along with many other phone service providers and Internet providers. It is our viewpoint that although the Verizon wireless phone insurance policy is comprehensive it has limits on flexibility. The Ensquared cell Insurance price comparison tool very quickly gives you the nuts and bolts by comparing the wireless phone insurance options offered by Verizon to your specific needs and rating this. The Verizon phone insurance options are a combination of extended warranty, phone damage, lost phone & stolen phone

Verizon cellular phone insurance characteristics

In buying Verizon wireless phone insurance here are the key stand-out characteristics that are in the mix and need to be calculated to give an optimal cellular insurance solution to potential or established Verizon wireless subscribers. By using the Ensquared cell phone insurance comparison tool these items are compared on many levels to give you the peace of mind you are looking for and assessing if it is worth it:

  • If Verizon become distributors of iPhone they are unlikely to offer iPhone insurance. Not unlike AT&T they will likely refer you to Apple Care for the iPhone insurance, which in fact is relatively expensive at $69 for one year and one year nine months of technical support - being basically only a phone extended warranty.
  • Verizon insurance will not give you unlocked cell phone insurance even if being contracted with Verizon becomes the service provider of choice. You need to buy your phone from Verizon directly to qualify for Verizon insurance
  • Verizon insurance must be signed up for in the relatively short period of the first two weeks after activation to qualify. A lot of Verizon cell phone owners are unaware of this requirement creating a void in phone insurance coverage once contracted to Verizon. The Ensquared wireless phone insurance tool gives them additional cell insurance options never contemplated before
  • Verizon insurance will give phone insurance on used and new cell phones, regular and advanced devices, on three distinct options. Premiums for extended warranty is as low as $1.99 per month with zero deductibles all the way up to $7.99 per month with $90 deductible on advanced devices.

How the Ensquared phone insurance price comparison calculator will rate Verizon Insurance options

Verizon like AT&T insurance, T Mobile Insurance and other service providers is backed by Asurion Insurance Company. Verizon offers effectively 6 differntiated wireless insurance products - some competitive and some not. Subscriber cell insurance needs must remain in touch if the mindset is to stay within the Verizon Company for phone insurance coverage. Ensquared phone insurance comparison tool now makes it is very possible to contract with Verizon and buy your cell insurance coverage elsewhere - mostly through the Internet. Notably this cannot be from cell phone insurance offered by other service providers. Certainly if the Verizon subscriber wants

The Ensquared cell insurance price comparison calculator will give Verizon subscribers the best phone insurance solution no matter what their cellular insurance needs are. Click on Cell phone insurance calculator and the full horizon of cell phone insurance is opened up for you; get the a cheap phone insurance solution to match your needs and budget today. At least one of the Verizon wireless insurance option should meet your mobile phone insurance needs, but if not the cell insurance calculator will give you an alternative solution.