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Buying Ensquared Phone Insurance or Ensquared iPhone Insurance using the phone insurance calculator to compare cell insurance prices there are cell phone insurance terms and wireless phone phrases that you may not fully understand in the questions the phone insurance calculator asks you. Ensquared makes it clear for you by giving clear definitions below. We make it easy for you to buy it right here online on the links provided above.
NOTE: Ensquared Phone Insurance or Ensquared iPhone Insurance as stated on this page is by definition an Insurance Backed Wireless Protection Program.
Extended Warranty
A phone extended warranty creates longer term protection on electronic issues ordinarily covered by manufacturer in their warranty periods. In effect extended warranties cover in-built defects in handsets or any other manufacturing problem occurring that relates to non-function of phone electronics - all attributing back to the manufacturer but, notably, not negligence. It begins once the Manufacturer's Warranty is over (normally one year) and continues for a period to be agreed on with the extended warranty carrier. Extended Warranty stand-alone policies generally accommodate both new and used phones. An extended Warranty claim will not take effect while the regular manufacturer warranty covers the handset. Beware that extended warranty does not cover you for accidental or water damage, both of which have nothing to do with manufacturer defect.
Accidental Damage from Handling (otherwise known as ADH)
This covers phone damage and broken phone resulting from drops, bangs and spills (water damage) in the phone insurance policy.
It notably excludes negligent or abusive handling of the cell phone, manufacturer defect inside and outside the warranty term, normal wear and tear and loss of data. Often phone water damage from weather (as opposed to spills) is seen as a subset of natural occurrences and is may not be covered under Accidental Damage from Handling. Terms and conditions of the cell insurance policy should be read to get clarity on this.
This is the prescribed dollar value per claim which the claimant is responsible for in terms of the cell insurance policy. So, for example, if a claim is agreed by the insurer for a $200 refund and the deductible is $50 the net refund to the claimant is $150. Most extended warranty claims carry zero deductible.
Phone Lost and Phone Stolen
Generally covers mysterious disappearance as well in most mobile phone insurance policies but this category of claim requires the claimant to furnish a police report if phone stolen or if not available pertinent information pertaining to such report (.e. officer name, badge number, station phone number, date reported etc); report loss within a short time to the phone service provider; provide a valid invoice as proof of purchase and ownership; have a valid IEMI number being the handset's unique identification.
Monthly Premium
In the Ensquared Calculator this is effectively the monthly cost of cell phone insurance for the elected options and coverage. In some cases the premiums may be charged annually or even on a two year basis depending on the cellular insurance program taken out. Please check the terms of the policy.
Claim Limit
This is probably one of the key considerations in taking out phone insurance and can be the source of substantial misunderstanding. The buyer needs to know over the term of the policy firstly how many claims maximum can be made, and secondly what the $ limit on each of the claims if and when made will be. Ensquared iPhone insurance for example offers the buyer 3 claims maximum over a two year period or two claims over a one year period. Each claim independently of the others has a maximum $ limit of $1000. SquareTrade iphone insurance on the other hand offers a two year policy with a claim cap of $599. In effect, their customers can claim until the cap is used up or the two years are up whichever comes first. Practically speaking, in the iPhone arena $599 claim cap is likely to cover only one claim if replacement is a viable solution, and even then there may well be a shortfall in payout on a device costing up to $850 to replace. Term of the policy in this case becomes far less relevant as everything is about the claim cap. Know what you are buying and the claim basis is first place to look. Claim limit expressed in dollars normally refers to the maximum dollar value the phone insurance policy will cover per claim made on the handset. This limit does not mean it is the value that will automatically be paid out on the claim but denotes the maximum value the claim can go to in terms of the policy. The cell insurance carrier can use the phone insurance policy latitude to settle claims satisfactorily that may indeed in the end be lower than the prescribed limit.
Advanced devices
This term in the phone insurance context is simply the distinction between expanded function phones like iPhone, Blackberry Storm and Palm Pre versus the run of the mill cell phone devices which carry the standard features (but which itself is expanding). To eliminate confusion when assessing cell insurance and being faced with understanding the difference between a regular phone and an advanced device, or as T Mobile categorize it Tier 1 or Tier 2, the best thing is to ask the company for their lists. These change from time to time anyway as new models emerge.