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Sprint insurance for Smartphones and iPhones

Sprint is a merger corporation (First: merger of Sprint and Centel. Second: Merging of Nextel and Sprint) making it a recognized leader in the current phone service provider arena; serving millions of US locked cell phone owners.

Sprint - as a major US carrier - are compelled, as part of their service, to offer phone insurance to their subscribers. More specifically, now that that Sprint have taken on the iPhone – smartphone insurance should cover iPhones as well.

Sprint Smartphone Insurance (excluding the iPhone)

When it comes to Android Smartphones, in relation to the Internet competition certainly, Sprint appears in most cases to be more expensive from any viewpoint. Their deductibles are higher – certainly on the latest premium devices. For example: the Samsung Galaxy S4 carries a $125 deductible (Ensquared is maximum $75 but could be less for minor damage) and a $7 per month premium = $84 per annum = $168 for two years (compared to Ensquared is $58 for 1 year and $99.99 for two years) for comprehensive cover (accidental damage, lost & stolen). Sprint to be fair, also, offers extended warranty in the second year (which Ensquared does not). Is the benefit of extended warranty in year 2 and being able to pay monthly premium instead of prepaid incentive enough to go with Sprint? Many believe that extended warranty offered alongside accidental damage blurs the lines of difference between the two, thus rendering the extra cost as not worth it. That is for you to decide.

Sprint iPhone insurance

Actually there is no such thing. When it comes to their iPhone devices Sprint is at a serious disadvantage as their insurance coverage really is “go to AppleCare” – therefore limiting their iPhone subscribers to extended warranty and accidental damage (i.e. $99 for 2 years with only two accidental damage claims allowed, and a $49 per claim service fee on accidental damage). At Ensquared you can insure your Sprint iPhone for Accidental Damage, Lost & Stolen for $129 one time premium with $179 deductible with 3 claims over the period at the generous $1000 per claim allowance to meet coverage. OR: Buy Ensquared accidental damage only for $89.99 with only $50 deductible with three claims allowed.

Sprint phone insurance overall

In general, if phone insurance savings is going to be the decider on the carrier you choose then Sprint is not a preferred choice. This is underlined particularly when we put Sprint’s iPhone program under focus but AT&T, Verizon and T Mobile also offer better insurance deals on Smarphones. The latter three are also most often out priced when compared to Internet competitors like Ensquared. There are other considerations to be wary of with Sprint phone insurance.

  •  Sprint will not offer unlocked cell phone insurance even if Sprint is the service provider of choice. You simply must buy your phone from Sprint directly to qualify for Sprint insurance. Ensquared will take devices unlocked or from any carrier.
  • Sprint insurance must be signed up for in the first four weeks after activation to qualify. This requirement frustrates Sprint subscribers. Ensquared take devices of 90 days or less.
  • Sprint insurance is open to insure all Sprint bought cell phones and charge premiums on a monthly basis
  • Deductibility per claim can go as high as $125. This must be checked before buying.
  • Sprint iPhone insurance = AppleCare warranty. For more information on this go to bottom-most table on http://www.ensquared.com/iphone_insurance.htm

Sprint like AT&T insurance, Verizon Insurance and T Mobile is part of the Asurion Insurance Company camp. Ensquared now makes it much easier to contract with Sprint and buy your cell insurance coverage elsewhere. Notably Sprint subscribers cannot buy cell phone insurance offered by ATT, Verizon and other service providers but the cell phone insurance Internet is wide open as a viable alternative. 

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