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United States (US) Prepaid.


The United States with its over 300 million plus population are one of the worlds largest mobile markets. Prepaid is growing month on month in a market which originates from a post paid background. Learn how prepaid , pay as you go recharge for wireless and mobile is being promoted by Sprint Nextel, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile USA. The US has many MVNO operations including Virgin Mobile, Cricket and TracFone to name a few. Prepaid Earth takes you through the plans of these International carriers.

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Australian Prepaid.


Australia is a very competitive prepaid landscape when it comes to pay as you go ,on demand mobile and internet services. We go into an indepth case study and focus our attention on the providers which include Telstra, Vodafone, Soul, Dodo,Savvy, Three, Optus, Hutch, Boost. Australia is a country with less than 23 million people, many providers are trying to lock in a consumer.

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Canadian Prepaid.


Canadian information on prepaid, pay as you go wireless and mobile cell phone services. The Prepaid Earth team is based in North America we have chosen the Canadian wireless mobile phone market as another focus market, which will provide customers prepaid consumers with real information in terms of best deals, cheapest plans and offers. We study, Bell, Solo,Telstra,Fido, Virgin Mobile plans and offers.

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South Africa Prepaid.


The country that after apartheid introduced communications to the masses who previously had no access to wire line infrastructure as well as basic essentials such as running water and electricity. The folks at Prepaid Earth made a trip down to the city of gold- Egoli in South Africa to explain what is happening in the prepaid space. We survey Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Virgin Mobile and other service providers.

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United Kingdom (UK) Prepaid.


The UK is the hub of Europe, communications is the essence of life and Prepaid Earth discovers the nuts and bolts of prepaid mobile. The United Kingdom is a market leader when it comes to prepaid services , tourists made up of backpackers and students, immigrants and contract workers are all out to use the British pound in the most conservative way when it comes to wireless pay as you go services. We focus on the Telcos which include BT, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile,Telefonica O2 and others.

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