Inside Look at USA Cellular Insurance

Ensquared knows what you want when it comes Smartphone, iPhone and Tablet insurance. Coverage includes Mechanical Failure outside of Manufacturer’s Warranty, Accidental Damage from Handling and Lost & Stolen. We even offer you the option for iPhones and Tablets of excluding Lost & Stolen.

Ensquared understands the special needs of the cost conscious device owners who favor MetroPCS and T Mobile as their carriers. Subscribers to AT&T, Verizon and other national carriers are amazed at the protection savings obtained from insuring with Ensquared. Your peace of mind was first and foremost on our minds when our products were underwritten by the highly rated Starr organization.

And you can get to us no matter where you live: Every State in the USA and every Territory and Province in Canada. Ensquared covers you no matter what device you own made in the USA (and some made internationally as well). So enter the Ensquared experience where we protect both devices locked into carriers and unlocked cell phones and tablets. In fact, this is big plus to unlocked device owners because the carriers will only insure those bought and contracted to them exclusively.

The Table below is a fast reference to coverage and the advantages of insuring with Ensquared. We have chosen the iPhone 5 as our point of reference but the same favorable comparisons are true for Android, Blackberry and Windows devices.

Compare US Cellular Insurance providers with iPhone 5 insurance as bench mark