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AT&T, of all the Telco carriers, offers the best phone insurance plans for iPhones and every other smartphone. However, when comparing AT&T to the specialist providers on the Internet (Ensquared falling into this category) significant benefits open up in three key areas:

1. When AT&T is not your carrier of choice

2. When you do not want to be beholden to AT&T or any one carrier through long term contracts

3. When you are an iPhone user.

An increasing number of smartphones are being bought unlocked. For good reason. It enables the unlocked device owner to attach the carrier contract afterwards as prepaid; with no device subsidy retrieval; with much more flexible terms for early exit and of, course, gives latitude to choose the cheapest rates to suit one's needs. In this way the consumer can move between the most competitive phone contracts by taking the unlocked device with him or her. In other words, by foregoing the carrier subsidies on expensive smartphones there is also the avoidance of a long-term contracts (mostly two years) that are relatively much more expensive from the start or as time moves on.

Carrier subsidies create an illusion: Unlocked Android devices are not subsidized so it can cost the consumer anywhere from $400 to $700 initial outlay. In fact, the carriers like AT&T retrieve the subsidy in the monthly contract payments so the illusion that the device is cheaper if bought through them is an illusion. Secondly, popular used Smartphones are selling for high prices through eBay and other channels (eg. A used iPhone 4 in good condition can fetch $420) thus retrieving much of the initial outlay if one switches to a newer model. So buying the cell phone unlocked is not a real cost disadvantage and can save huge dollars in lower carrier costs. We must point out that some devices are almost impossible to be bought in USA unlocked (i.e. iPhone being the primary locked device), which means that a carrier lock-in is prescribed.

 So if you are an iPhone user or you are considering the unlocked route how do you obtain the lowest cost and most reliable phone insurance for your device? Here are a few key items to help you compare Ensquared as an Internet provider to AT&T the most competitive insurer of all the carriers.

  • To insure your phone through AT&T you have to buy it from them. No exceptions. By the way the same applies to Verizon, T-Mobile and other carriers. Ensquared will insure your device no matter which carrier or unlocked retailer you bought it from including AT&T.
  • A focused iPhone comparison of Ensquared VERSUS AT&T shows the distinct advantages Ensquared iPhone insurance provides consumers. AT&T outpaces all other iPhone carriers and Ensquared outpaces AT&T for insurance on this locked device.
  • If you compare the deductibles, premiums and claim limits on all other Smartphones (Android and Blackberry) you will find that Ensquared competes strongly against AT&T and outperforms the other carriers in every department.
  • NOTE: If you buy your Android device through AT&T or any carrier and do not insure it within 30 days you do not qualify. Ensquared insures all Android Smartphones if they are 90 days old or less.
  • AT&T does not offer a Mechanical Failure plus Accidental Damage only iPhone insurance policy – an inexpensive option. The Internet gives consumers a wider choice by offering both comprehensive cover and cover that excludes Lost & Stolen. The Ensquared iPhone insurance with a low 2-Year $89.99 premium is a leader in this arena.

^ Ensquared Phone Insurance is an Insurance Backed Wireless Protection Program and is not affiliated in any way with AT&T, or Apple, Inc. iPhone and AppleCare are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.