Cell phone insurance testimonials

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“I bought my unlocked phone on eBay and couldn’t get cellular insurance from AT&T or other service providers. To get cell insurance from them you must buy your cell from them. The Ensquared Calculator showed me cheap cell phone insurance options for eBay buyers I never knew about. Thank you” - Mickey J, Dallas

"Your website is the most informative site I've found related to cell phone insurance. I'm curious to know how the large wireless carriers (e.g. Verizon, AT&T) profit from these insurance plans. Do they have a revenue sharing model with Asurion? Is there any information that you can provide on this or are there any resources that you can point me to?" - Wei Lee, USA

“I paid $2 a month forever on cell insurance only to find I was not covered for my lost phone – or stolen phone either. The Ensquared phone insurance price comparison tool got me the insurance I always wanted. I have to pay more but it found me the cheapest cellular insurance quotes in the US” – John Dunham, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

“Who thinks of phone insurance until something happens like it did to me – water damage. My provider never told me about mobile phone insurance options when I bought the phone from them. The Ensquared Calculator clears the cell phone insurance road of all confusion so it won’t happen to me again” – John L, N. Carolina 

“I run a small business with thirteen salesmen on the road. It is amazing the things that go wrong: Phones lost, a new iPhone stolen and all kinds of phone damage from drops and spills. The Ensquared Calculator gave us the best answers to the cell insurance program to cover these problems” – Lenny Peters, Essex Office Supplies 

“I used the Ensquared Calculator to check my phone insurance I had in place and found lost phone and stolen phone was not covered. What a shock I got. Not only did I move my cellular insurance to another provider who made cell insurance simple, I found that their service plan was cheaper too.” - Harry P, Bodton, Chicago 

“Asurion Insurance pops up everywhere no matter who your provider is. This doesn’t help as the cell insurance plans of the major service providers are as different from one another as the stars and the moon. It is very confusing. The Ensquared cell insurance calculator was great as it compared prices and plans that related to my needs” – Hillary L, Florida 

“Apple iPhone insurance is a big problem. AT&T doesn’t insure it and Apple Care don’t offer comprehensive iphone insurance. The Ensquared Calculator price comparison pointed me the right way and showed me cheap iPhone insurance prices. Thanks Ensquared.” – James Petersohn, NY 

Just seven simple questions, push calculate, and it’s amazing how the Ensquared Phone insurance calculator cuts out all the cellular insurance you don’t need and rates the mobile phone insurance plans that are suited to you on price and all kinds of things like extended warranties. Thanks for making this easy” - Kenny W, NJ 

“I didn’t even know that Verizon insurance will only insure my cell phone in first too weeks of activation. I was two days too late. The Ensquared phone insurance Calculator quickly gave me cellular insurance options where activation was not an issue. I can recommend use of this wonderful comparison tool.” – Pasqual Torres, Ohio 

“How long is a piece of string? Same applies to how many phone insurance options there are out there. Problem is they all go away quickly if you don’t know how to apply, to whom and by when. I can highly recommend the Esquared phone insurance Calculator. It has been fantastic in clearing a neat path to the right phone insurance plan for me – Jerry K, Boston