Straight Talk Cell Phone Insurance

Straight Talk subscribers: Get the it straight from Ensquared the #1 Authority in Phone Insurance

Straight Talk customers, we connect to you! We know you zone in on saving money; getting the maximum benefit for your buck; flexibility to change if need be without cost (no cumbersome contracts), and most of all you wish to own your phone.

Owning your own device means protection is a big priority and being a specialized device insurance company we can help! Yes - we have many very happy Straight Talk customers who enjoy the peace of mind provided by Ensquared phone insurance services.
Why Ensquared?
  • We offer both 1-Year and 2-Year Insurance plans
  • Our Insurance covers Lost & Stolen, Accidental Damage (Drops and Spills) plus Extended Warranty
  • We cover all handsets no matter the model or size
  • You don’t have to spend hours looking around for how much to pay and how it works
  • We will save you money compared to any in-house insurance including Straight Talk
  • You have up to 90 days to insure
  • We provide for more claims per period than most other recognized insurers
  • We provide you with a 15 day money-back guarantee
  • Sign up with Paypal for extra buyers protection
  • In short, our plans are simple
To make it simple, here is what you can choose from:

Ensquared Comprehensive Insurance

1 Year

2 Year

Accidental Damage + Lost & Stolen     

Yes - $58.99   

Yes - $99.99

Premium in monthly terms



Maximum Claims Available  


Maximum $ Limit per Claim 




$75 per claim 

$75 per claim 

Age of the phone to qualify for insurance

90 days or less

 90 days or less

No claim period

30 days  

  30 days  

Money back period 

15 days

15 days

Buy Ensquared Insurance Now:   

1 Year Program 


2 Year Program  



90 days to insure