Samsung Phonne Insurance

We insure all Samsung phone devices less than 90 days old. Our 1 year and 2 year Android Cell Phone Insurance provides cover against:

Lost and Stolen

We also provide extensive cover against accidental damage of the Samsung Galaxy S4


Please review the table below which highlights our Comprehensive Insurance range.

Ensquared Samsung Insurance 1 Year 2 Year
Accidental Damage + Lost & Stolen      Yes - $58.99 Yes - $99.99
Premium in monthly terms $4.91 $4.16
Maximum Claims Available  
Maximum $ Limit per Claim  $1000     $1000

Deductible $35 - $75 per claim

Depending on Claim Size 

Applicable Applicable
Age of the phone: 90 days or less Yes  Yes

No claim period

30 days

30 days

No cost cancellation period  15 days 15 days

Buy Ensquared Samsung Insurance Now: 

1 Year Program

2 Year Program 


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