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Motorola has launched a 3G phone that is out of this world. The new Droid X device is powered by the Android operating system, it has an HD video camera, acts as a WiFi hotspot and delivers super fast internet speed along with an 8MP camera. Now is the time to insure your Droid X device with Ensquared. You will be so happy you did!

Ensquared Motorola Droid X Insurance 1 Year 2 Year
Accidental Damage + Lost & Stolen      Yes - $58.99   
Yes - $99.99
Premium in monthly terms $4.91 $4.16
Maximum Claims Available  
Maximum $ Limit per Claim  $1000     $1000


Deductible maximum $75 per claim 

Applicable Applicable
Age of the phone: 90 days or less Yes  Yes
Extended Warranty
Yes Yes


No claim period



30 days



30 days


No cost cancellation period  15 days 15 days


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In most cases the Droid X by Motorola is locked to Verizon or, if you can find it, unlocked. When buying your Motorola Droid X insurance directly from Verizon there are very narrow restrictions on how long you have to get phone insurance: The Ensquared Calculator has questions that automatically focus on Motorola Droid X insurance and you can test your new Droid X on comparing Verizon insurance on premiums, deductibles and how long you have to take the insurance out. Not only is Ensquared competitive we give you at least 76 days longer to insure your Motorola Droid X . At Verizon the Motorola Droid X is an advanced device with high deductibles; older models are falling back into the standard phone category.