Beware when you compare phone Insurance

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Lower Premium comparisons alone can be very misleading. Without the rest of the story your decision can turn out to be a big mistake.

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Ensquared as the #1 Authority on phone insurance gives you 9 HOT BUTTON items you should always look for. Together they give you all the important facts to make an accurate assessment. Conversely, if these items are ABSENT, VAGUE or CONFUSING it creates serious doubts; when in doubt leave it out. Each and every item below is a “kill or make” point in concluding your purchase of phone insurance:

  • Beware over-simplified deductibles (the $ you must pay with any claim). iPhone Insurance Comparison Tables abound that will have you believe that a $50 deductible applies to Theft including accidental damage on the iPhone. This is hardly ever true. Don’t find this one out the hard way (i.e. when you have to claim).
  • Beware Internet phone insurance providers who self-insure; who are not backed by an AM Best (or similar rated) underwriter. THIS IS KEY: You need to know that a strong professional claims operation will be around when you make a claim.
  • Beware the absence of transparent Terms and Conditions for each Region, every Device and every Time Option offered. These spell out each and every applicable deductible and who the underwriters are. If not visible or does not tie in with displayed Comparison Tables then that is one big red flag!
  • Beware extra costs like “processing costs” noted casually at the end of the offer. These increase the cost of premiums in an indirect often misleading way
  • Beware providers who cover “Theft” but don’t cover “Lost”. The two go hand in hand and you should be asking, “What will they make me do to prove it is one and not the other”?
  • Beware comparisons of products with completely different values. For example, a Warranty for Accidental Damage VERSUS Insurance on Accidental Damage plus Lost and Stolen. Of course the premium and deductibles on Accidental Damage only will be lower but it is like comparing an orange to a watermelon. This type of comparison is simply misleading
  • Beware absence of products that do not cover International travel or add ridiculous extra deductibles for Theft in foreign countries
  • Beware $ claim limits that are woefully short of replacement cost, which together with high deductibles pay claimants very little.
  • Beware any provider who offers you only one claim in a year – especially if it is capped at low $ value.

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Ensquared Promise of Excellence

  • Enquared offers domestic and international coverage for the same domestic premiums and deductibles
  • Ensquared stands behind its comparison tables and goes the extra mile to ensure there are no misleading reflections.
  • Our Terms and Conditions are outlined in detail accessible at the foot of the Home Page.
  • We offer Lost and Stolen as an inseparable combination in almost all our products and when we do not we make it very evident.
  • Our Deductibles are clearly stated and not hidden in generalities. We do not create the impression that one shoe fits all. You will find all our offers competitive in every valid comparison.
  • We offer minimum of 2 claims on our one year programs independent of one another, each with $1000 claim limits, and similarly 3 claims with same $1000 limits on our two year programs. No ifs and buts about it.
  • Read “About Us” at for full pedigree and our Underwriters. They are AM BEST B+++ Rated (Good) and nationally recognized.
  • Do not hesitate to phone us if you want clarity on any item